Why dandelions? Well, they were my late grandfather’s favorite flower. He was a native of St. Louis and loved dandelions.  That’s right… he didn’t view them as being a weed, but rather a beautiful plant! While others would become frustrated with how they overtook their perfectly manicured lawns he delighted in their appearance. He would always regret having to mow them down, but they were hardy little plants that would grow right back and spread across the lawn. I’m sure that his next door neighbors always appreciated his willingness to share his dandelions with their own lawns.

Thanks Boompa for teaching me that all things in life can be just dandy.  Especially dandelions and ice cream.

~ Tara, owner


* Did you know that the ice cream cone was first introduced to the United States at the 1904 World’s Fair right here in St. Louis?  Dandy Soft Serve is the first and only soft serve ice cream machine rental in all of St. Louis.  Now that is dandy!

Our commercial Taylor 152 soft serve machine is perfect for parties, wedding receptions, or any event where you would like your guest to have a dandy good time!